Marine Safety Forum

Welcome to the Marine Safety Forum
The Marine Safety Forum is primarily focussed on actively promoting safety within the marine sector of the oil and gas industry.

Who are we?
The Marine Safety Forum is a non-profit-making organisation that actively promotes good practice and initiatives to enhance safety within the marine sector of the Oil and Gas industry.  The membership comprises Ship-Owning/Managing companies, Logistics companies, Oil and Gas companies, Marine Consultants and other interested parties (e.g. Port Authorities, Trade Associations, Governmental Agencies, Ship-Brokerages etc…). It is managed by a Steering Group of approximately 20 representatives from the membership and a Secretariat who meet every six weeks.

The work of the Marine Safety Forum is primarily carried out by "workgroups" which concentrate on a specific topic.  The Workgroup reports to the Steering Group with the eventual aim that a "Good Practice" regarding the specific issue is published for the benefit of industry.  Details of all current Workgroups are available on the ‘Work Groups’ page.  We would encourage you to engage with Workgroups particularly where you have an interest.  Nominally every six months we host an ‘All Members Meeting’ for the entire membership.  Details of meetings are in the ‘Meetings’ section.


The primary aim is to improve safety within the marine sector of the offshore Oil and Gas industry

This is achieved by the following objectives:

To air marine safety issues in an open forum of service users and providers

To highlight areas of particular concern and reach consensus on action required to minimise risk of major incidents.

Take pre-emptive action on minor issues which have the potential to escalate

To represent marine concerns within the "Step Change in Safety" initiative.

To work together with industry to share safety information and good practice.



Good Practice, which is developed and agreed by the Marine Safety Forum, shall be promoted and encouraged by all members within their individual organisations

Industry Guidelines shall be made available to and followed by all those involved in the marine process.

Members will promote within their own organisation a culture of responsibility for safety which means, amongst other things, that employees are required to work safely, follow procedures and guidelines, look after colleagues and intervene when unsafe behaviour is observed.

Implement Step Change initiatives where relevant.

Ensure that a proper communication system operates within their organisation allowing that safety issues can always be discussed and facilitate that the Marine Safety Forum issues are transmitted right through to the deck of a ship, installation or quayside and that comments and concerns can be relayed back to the Forum.

Ship owning / operating / managing companies are to provide safety performance figures to the Marine Safety Forum so that proper industry statistics can be calculated and the evaluation of progress can be made.


Articles of Association