Safety Alerts

Date Title
28th November 2018 Safety Alert 18-27; LTI - Fractured Toe
26th November 2018 Safety Alert 18-26; AB Struck on Head by Crane Hook
20th November 2018 Safety Alert 18-25; Anchor Brake Failure
15th November 2018 Safety Alert 18-24; LTI - Squeezed Thumb
26th October 2018 Safety Alert 18-23; Near Miss - Potential Dropped Object
21st September 2018 Safety Alert 18-22; Incorrectly Weighted Monkeys Fist
31st August 2018 Safety Alert 18-21; Contaminated Slops - High LEL
23rd August 2018 Safety Alert 18-20; Potential Dropped Objects in Frame Pockets
27th July 2018 Safety Alert 18-19; Snagged Lift
9th July 2018 Safety Alert 18-18; Wire Rope Failure During Chain Handling Operation
24th June 2018 Safety Alert 18-17; Strop & Pin Snagging During Hose Handling Operations
12th June 2018 Safety Alert 18-16; Machinery Failure
31st May 2018 Safety Alert 18-15; Potential Dropped Object
16th May 2018 Safety Alert 18-14; Deck Cargo Shifted - High Potential Near Miss
29th April 2018 Safety Alert 18-13; Cargo Shifted on Deck - High Potential Near Miss
19th April 2018 Safety Alert 18-12; Deck Cargo Operations at Offshore Installation
17th April 2018 Safety Alert 18-11; Potential Dropped Object on Top of a Container
29th March 2018 Safety Alert 18-10; Lost Time Injury - Cut to Hand
26th March 2018 Safety Alert 18-09; Missing Protection Cover Becomes Potential Dropped Object
20th March 2018 Safety Alert 18-08; Dropped Object During Cargo Operations
21st February 2018 Safety Alert 18-07; AB Lifted by Crane - High Potential Near Miss
14th February 2018 Safety Alert 18-06; Self-Closing Valve Ruptures Mud Hose
12th February 2018 Safety Alert 18-05; Escape Hatch Blocked
4th February 2018 Safety Alert 18-04; Finger Injury During Recovery of Daughter Craft
31st January 2018 Safety Alert 18-03; Workboat Fuel Contamination
22nd January 2018 Safety Alert 18-02; Unsafe Condition - Anomaly During Lifeboat Lowering
17th January 2018 Safety Alert 18-01; Electrical Burn - Removal of Safety Devices
28th October 2017 Safety Alert 17-14; Injury to Crew-member Whilst Using Pillar Drill
11th October 2017 Safety Alert 17-13; Personal Flotation Devices
22nd September 2017 Safety Alert 17-12; Dropped Object Whilst Re-Positioning Cargo
17th September 2017 Safety Alert 17-11; Steel Ferrule Failure
5th August 2017 Safety Alert 17-10; Container Snagged by Installation Crane
28th July 2017 Safety Alert 17-09; Incorrect Container Delivery Offshore
26th July 2017 Safety Alert 17-08; Personnel Injury Whilst Using Pillar Drill
30th June 2017 Safety Alert 17-07; Forward Painter Quick Release
20th June 2017 Safety Alert 17-06; Slip on Tag Line During Crane Operations
16th May 2017 Safety Alert 17-05; Unsafe Mooring Practices
10th May 2017 Safety Alert 17-04; Battery Fire
8th May 2017 Safety Alert 17-03; Snagged Lifting Bridle
28th April 2017 Safety Alert 17-02; Damage to Fast Rescue Craft
17th March 2017 Safety Alert 17-01; Tugger Winch Incident
6th November 2016 Safety Alert 16-27; Fuel Spill During in Port Bunkering
31st October 2016 Safety Alert 16-26; Fire in Engine Room
26th October 2016 Safety Alert 16-25; Injury to Crew Member
12th October 2016 Safety Alert 16-24; Unsafe Boarding of Vessels
10th October 2016 Safety Alert 16-23; Crewman Fell on External Stairway
4th October 2016 Safety Alert 16-20; Pallet Strop Broke and Hit AB
4th October 2016 Safety Alert 16-21; Hit by Mud/Clay During Anchor Handling Operations
4th October 2016 Safety Alert 16-22; Unsafe Method of Rope Work Resulted in Severe Hand Injury
26th September 2016 Safety Alert 16-19; Dropped Objects Awareness
19th September 2016 Safety Alert 16.17 Man Fell into Manhole On-Board Supply Vessel
19th September 2016 Safety Alert 16.18 CCU Door Unlatched Whilst Being Lifted from PSV to Platform
25th August 2016 Safety Alert 16.16 Near Miss During Preparation to Load Anchor Chain
8th August 2016 Safety Alert 16.15 Stop the Job, Your Responsibility
23rd June 2016 Safety Alert 16.14 Cargo Offloading operations - potential dropped object
20th June 2016 Safety Alert 16.13 Cargo Shifted Alongside platform
1st May 2016 Safety Alert 16.12 Minor Fuel Spill During Offshore Transfer
25th April 2016 Safety Alert 16.02 PSV involved in near miss
25th April 2016 Safety Alert 16-09 Cabin Fire
25th April 2016 Safety Alert 16.10 Cargo Securing gear hook - potential dropped object
25th April 2016 Safety Alert 16.11 Tubular Cargo - loading concerns
1st April 2016 Safety Flash 16-06 Microwave Incident
1st April 2016 Safety Flash 16-07 Casing Operation at Offshore Facility
1st April 2016 Safety Flash 16-08 Dropped Object – Tank Dog
31st March 2016 Safety Flash 16-01 Loss of End of Thumb
31st March 2016 Safety Flash 16-03 Small ‘Wet Bulk Waste’ Spill to Environment
31st March 2016 Safety Flash 16-04 Potential Dropped Object – Inbound Cargo
31st March 2016 Safety Flash 16-05 Confined Space Entry & Isolation Procedures
5th March 2016 Safety Flash 15-17 Tag Line Incident
3rd September 2015 Multiple Injuries and Asset Damage during FRC launch
28th July 2015 Protector Plate drops from crane
9th July 2015 Vent Pipe Clogged
29th June 2015 Lithium Battery Contents in Eyes
26th June 2015 Daughter Craft – Man Overboard Incident
26th June 2015 Collision with Rig
4th May 2015 Safety Flash 15-16 Fatal incident during change-out of chain wheel (gypsy) on AHTS vessel
4th May 2015 Safety Flash 15-15 Failure of Floodlight Capacitor
27th April 2015 Safety Alert 15-14 DP Reference System Transponder Near Miss
27th April 2015 Safety Alert 15-13 Hose Incident
26th April 2015 Marine Information Note 15-02
23rd March 2015 Safety Alert 15-12 Lifeboat Fall prevention
26th February 2015 Safety Flash 15-11 Hose Handling Injury
12th February 2015 Safety Flash 15-10 Fire in Engine Room
11th February 2015 Safety Flash 15-09 Spontaneous Combustion
5th February 2015 Safety Flash 15-08 Vessels Positioning
5th February 2015 Safety Flash 15-07 Painting the ends of Capstans and Windlasses
5th February 2015 Safety Flash 15-06 Hand injury stowing anchor chain
5th February 2015 Safety Flash 15-05 Cut Finger changing Mop Head
5th February 2015 Safety Flash 15-04 Safety barriers and guards
13th January 2015 Safety Flash 15-03 MoB during crew transfer between two ERRVs
13th January 2015 Safety Flash 15-02 Dropped Object
13th January 2015 Safety Flash 15-01 Dropped Object
10th July 2014 MarineSafe Australasia